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Reconciliation (Confession)

Has it been a while since your last confession? No worry! If you need a review on how to make a Good Confession(CLICK HERE). When you are ready you can stop by the Church between 11:30AM-12:30PM any Saturday when the Pastor will be waiting to hear confessions. Reconciliation may be face to face or anonymous, whatever is right for you. You may also call and set up an appointment to make your confession or reconciliation by calling the Pastor at 412-221-1560.

Sacraments at

Saint Mary Parish

"RCIA" Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Who is eligible?
Any adult who does not practice any Faith, who is interested in learning more about our Lord and the Catholic Faith.
Any adult who is not Catholic, but attends Mass with their Catholic Spouse.
Any adult who was baptized Catholic, but never made their First Holy Communion or Confirmation.
How do you begin RCIA?
By contacting Fr. Stan Gregorek at 412-221-1560 to set up an appointment that will start you on your journey of becoming an official member of the Catholic Faith. We would be so excited to have you as our newest member!


Our 8th & 9th Grade Faith Formation Students make their Confirmation in the Fall at Saint Mary, which occurs every other year. The date is usually in October or November and is determined by the Diocese. As soon as we receive the date for Confirmation, which is usually in September of that year, we share it with our Candidates, their Sponsors, Parents and Parish Members.

First Holy Communion

Our 2nd Grade Faith Formation Students make their First Holy Communion during a 1:00PM Mass in April each year. They prepare all year for their big day of receiving our Lord Jesus for their very first time.


Baptisms are performed on Sundays at 11:45AM. If you would like to have your child baptized please contact the Parish Business Office at 412-221-1560 to choose a date and to discuss necessary information needed for the baptism. If this is your first child to be baptized you must attend a baptismal class prior to the baptism. 


Couples must meet with the Pastor at least 4-6 months prior to the wedding. Contact the Parish Business Office to make an appointment with the Pastor to discuss your wedding at Saint Mary.

Pre Marriage Classes can be found here.