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St. Mary Parish at 10 St. Mary's Lane, Cecil, PA 15321 US - RCIA Becoming Catholic

Becoming Catholic

There's a particular good feeling one gets when coming to our church.  From the moment you drive into the parking lot, there's a sense of "coming home."  Entering the church, the ushers and greeters welcome you, and they are sincerely happy to see you.  You find your "seat."  We all seem to have our own unofficially assigned seat - the special place we sit in every week.  You say hello to those seated around you - your church family.  While you may not know their names, you know them.  So, while you may not know their names, they are "family" - your church family.  The familiar tinkling of bells welcome Father as our celebrant.  The stances that we take - standing, sitting, kneeling - the words we reverently recite - listening to Father speaking God's Word - all these rituals bring a sense of piety.  Ultimately, being strengthened when we receive the Eucharist is the highlight of the Mass.  And finally, hearing Father's blessing to us:  "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord," makes one realize what a wondrous blessing Father gave us: the gift of peace.  It's very good to be Catholic.  It's like coming home.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

There are folks around us who desire this gift of Catholicism.  It may be your spouse, your neighbor, your good friend.  If you know of a person interested, offer to them the telephone number of our Religious Education Office (412-221-0595) or our Parish Office (412-221-1560) so that they can gather more information on how they can become Catholic.  With your help, we can watch our "family" grow.


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