There are many areas still available for burial at Saint Mary Cemetery. If you are interested in purchasing "The Right for Burial" at Saint Mary, please contact The Catholic Parish Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  See their contact information below. Click here for the Catholic Cemeteries web site.

A Catholic cemetery is a very special place. In Canon Law, the Church designates only two places as "sacred"- those which are assigned to divine worship, and those places assigned to the burial of the faithful..." (Can.1205). By choosing a Catholic cemetery, you give public witness to your belief in the resurrection of the body and eternal life.

One of the most misunderstood cemetery-related issues is who actually owns and can use cemetery property once the original owner of the property is deceased. Firstly, although we often refer to the purchaser as "the owner" of the cemetery property, they are actually not. The cemetery always remains the owner of all property within the cemetery. Those who "purchase property" in the cemetery actually purchase not the real estate but a right to use the property for burial.

Saint Mary Cemetery

10 St. Mary's Lane, Cecil, PA 15321